How do you treat good girl syndrome?

The Good Girl Syndrome

Explore the phenomenon of 'Good Girl Syndrome' and its impact on women and girls, from people-pleasing to self-sacrifice. Discover how to break free from societal expectations, embrace your authentic self, and find empowerment. Learn practical tips for overcoming the 'good girl' paradigm and living life on your own terms.

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Whispering Shadows: A Story of Guilt

Explore Lily's journey through guilt and self-discovery as she confronts the shadows of her past. Join us in understanding the impact of childhood trauma on adult life and the path to reclaiming happiness. Written by Suvanjali Lama, Clinical Psychologist.

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Social media Addiction

The Social Media Dilemma: Between Addiction and Empowerment

Dive into the nuanced realm of social media addiction versus capacity, unraveling the fine line between excessive use and innate adaptability. Discover how mindful usage can empower you in the digital age, fostering mental well-being while navigating the dynamic landscape of online connectivity.

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change is easy

Change is Easy

Explore the secrets to easy change as we delve into the barriers that make it challenging. Break free from conditioning, embrace the unknown, and build self-trust for a positive transformation journey.

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Social media and mental wellness

Social Media: The good and the bad

Social media has fundamentally altered the way we engage, communicate, and obtain information. It is now an essential part of our day-to-day lives. However, it has also disrupted old norms and systems of human behaviour and interaction in the society. Here is a brief examination of the benefits and detrimental effects of social media.

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Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel like a Fraud?

How many of us feel uncomfortable with receiving acknowledgement for the work we do or even complimented for the way we look or behave? There is almost a sinking feeling out of the fear of being exposed or judged. On the other hand, it feels comparatively easier to process any criticism or wrongness pointed out to us. Strange, but true.

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Conflicts at work

How to resolve conflicts with boss?

There are so many things that we wish we had known earlier. Here is a list of five things I learnt through a series of self-help books, courses, programs on personal development, healing and therapy over almost a decade.

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Life hacks

Five Life Hacks I wish I knew in my 20s

There are so many things that we wish we had known earlier. Here is a list of five things I learnt through a series of self-help books, courses, programs on personal development, healing and therapy over almost a decade.

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How being judgemental is affecting your life?

Is it bad to be judgemental?

Do you know that you do start resembling the person you judge constantly? Judging others, being judged and judging yourself has a much deeper effect than you can imagine! Here is a quick take on how judgements create the biggest limitations in our lives.

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Stress in women at workplace

Why Does Stress Affect Women More Than Men?

Stress affects men and women differently. While the common symptoms of stress in women range from skin rashes, breakouts and anxiety; men show signs of fatigue, insomnia, lower back pains and irritability. Although the symptoms may not have much variation, the perception of stress by both the genders is starkly different. Women tend to perceive stress as more serious than men.

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Trust, Trustworthiness, Emotional Health

What does it mean to be trusting of others?

Trusting is an essential human response for survival and growth. Trust in self and others constitutes the fundamental basis of personal development and relationships. Have you ever paused and wondered what makes you trust some people and not others? How many times have we allowed ourselves to be hurt for trusting someone too quick? What if that is a lie? What if the fault wasn’t in trusting but in the understanding of what we were trusting? Here are a few insights into the emotion of trust.

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Parenting Tips

Parenting: A Guilt Trip

Parenting has been hard, especially for parents of millennials and more so for parents of Gen Z. Here are a few insights into how parenting approach is influenced by guilt tripping on both sides.

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Emotional Resilience

Why do we need emotional resilience? Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. From trying to get to work on time to dealing with an emotional trauma, we cope with these difficulties, differently.  Some of us deal with these challenges somewhat effectively, while others develop debilitating mental and physical health issues. One of the […]

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What Strength is Your Loneliness?

Loneliness is a world-wide phenomenon. Everyone at some point or the other in their lives has experienced loneliness. Some deal with it better, others pretend to manage it and then some ignore it completely. In one way or another, loneliness speaks to us of an innate need to connect to others. Can loneliness be a strength?

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Who are you proving to be?

We spend our entire lives trying to prove something or the other to the world. We would like to prove that we are successful. We would like to prove that we are good people. We would like to prove that we are strong. How heavy and draining is that? What if we didn’t have to prove anything? How would your life be then?

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Trimester Transformation

Being Hopeless is to be Irresponsible

Have you ever felt hopeless about a situation, person, or anything else in your life? How does it feel? It is as if something has pulled out an energy plug from the body. Can we change that by changing our thoughts? Yes.

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How I overcame my Degenerative Disc Autoimmune Disease?

Our choices create our reality. I manifested one of the most out of control problems in my body to understand that I had the power to create my body and my life. What was this choice I made that actualised an autoimmune disorder in my body at age 30?

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