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Family Constellation Therapy


In the realm of therapeutic modalities, Family Constellation Therapy stands out as a profound approach that delves into the intricate dynamics of family systems to facilitate healing and resolution of deeply ingrained issues. Rooted in the understanding that our familial connections shape our present experiences, Family Constellation Therapy offers a unique perspective on addressing emotional wounds, relational conflicts, and behavioral patterns.

Family Constellation Therapy is an alternative therapeutic modality, which combines several techniques and approaches for healing. Discovered by Bert Hellinger, a German Therapist, Family Systemic Constellation is based on Gestalt therapy and psycho dynamic therapy. It is a relatively new yet powerful approach to resolving deep seated mental and emotional issues in a dynamically faster and holistic manner.

Understanding the Need for Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellations can help with repeated patterns of relationships, physical health, mental disorders, emotional situations, and financial insecurities faced by an individual. For instance, diabetes is a genetically influenced illness and can be traced back to the ancestral lineage of the client. Through Family Constellation therapy, the source of the diabetes, its emotional, somatic and behavioral causes can be explored and perhaps, resolved. It has been known to create a significant difference in the management of the illness and reduction of symptoms.

Family Constellations are also effective in breaking toxic relationship patterns. A person experiencing similar issues with their romantic partners or in marriage or with friends, can find a solution through this therapy. 

What can Family Constellation help with? 

  • Uncovering Hidden Dynamics: Family Constellations can reveal hidden family dynamics, unacknowledged traumas, and forgotten or excluded family members, offering insights that can lead to profound healing.
  • Repetitive Life Patterns: Experiencing repeated patterns in personal or professional life that seem unsolvable and detrimental, such as recurring relationship issues, financial instability, or career setbacks.
  • Improving Relationships: Understanding one’s place within the family system and the dynamics at play can lead to improved relationships with family members, partners, and others, as it fosters empathy and understanding.
  • Feeling Stuck or Blocked: A pervasive sense of being stuck or blocked in life, without a clear understanding or reason, suggesting hidden dynamics at play.
  • Personal Growth and Self-Awareness: Engaging in a Family Constellation Session can significantly increase self-awareness and personal growth, as it encourages individuals to look beyond their immediate experiences to the broader family context.
  • Entangled with Family Trauma: A deep connection with family traumas that have occurred in past generations, even if these events did not directly involve the individual.
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  • Sense of Exclusion or Not Belonging: Feeling like an outsider within one’s own family or struggling with a sense of belonging, which may indicate deeper systemic issues.
  • Inherited Family Trauma: Awareness of traumatic events in the family history that still seem to impact the present generation, such as wars, migrations, or significant losses.
  • Burdened by Family Responsibilities: Feeling overly burdened by family responsibilities or roles that were not chosen, suggesting a possible misalignment in the family system.
  • Chronic Illness or Suffering: Chronic illness or suffering within the family that may be connected to emotional or systemic issues within the family structure.
  • Interest in Family History: A strong interest or concern with family history and its impact on current life, indicating a subconscious awareness of systemic entanglements.
  • Difficulties in Relationships: Persistent difficulties in forming or maintaining healthy relationships, whether familial, romantic, or social, that don’t have an apparent cause.
  • Unexplained Emotional or Physical Symptoms: Experiencing emotional distress or physical symptoms that cannot be fully explained or resolved through conventional means, suggesting a possible link to family dynamics.

The Approach of Family Constellation Therapy

At the heart of Family Constellation Therapy lies the recognition that individuals are profoundly influenced by the experiences and traumas of their ancestors. Whether consciously or unconsciously, familial legacies, unresolved conflicts, and unspoken emotions can permeate through generations, manifesting in various forms of distress within individuals and family units.

Through a systemic lens, Family Constellation Therapy aims to bring these underlying dynamics to light, acknowledging the interconnections of family members across time and space. By exploring the entanglements within the family system, clients are guided to uncover hidden loyalties, unmet needs, and systemic imbalances that may be contributing to their present challenges.

It is essentially used to get insights into the root cause of the issue the client is facing within the larger family system within which he/she operates. It reveals the dynamics between family members, aberrations in the family order, hierarchy, and energy flow. After recognizing the dysfunctional patterns in the client’s life, conflicts are healed through role playing and expressive therapy to provide significant relief to the issue at hand.

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Family Constellation Therapy
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The Method of Family Constellation

Central to Family Constellation Therapy is the “constellation” process, where participants represent members of client’s family or significant figures in their lives within a group setting. Facilitated by a trained therapist, participants are invited to embody these roles and observe the dynamics that unfold.

During the constellation, subtle cues and emotional resonances emerge, providing insights into the underlying dynamics at play. Through guided and systemic interventions, the therapist works to restore balance, honor, order, unresolved relationships, and facilitate healing movements within the constellation. Each movement represents a shift in the client’s life. With the use of empowering statements, the session is brought to a closure after checking with all the representing elements.

 Effects of Family Constellation Therapy

One of the most profound aspects of Family Constellation Therapy is its capacity to transcend individual healing and extend to the collective healing of the family system. By acknowledging and honoring the experiences of past generations, clients can find resolution, reconciliation, and a sense of belonging within their ancestral lineage.

Through the process of constellation work, participants often report experiencing profound shifts in their perceptions, emotions, and relationships. Deep-seated patterns of guilt, shame, and resentment may be released, making way for greater clarity, compassion, and connection with oneself and others.

After the Family Constellation Session

While the constellation process itself can be deeply transformative, the integration of insights and healing is an ongoing journey. Clients are encouraged to reflect on their experiences, honor the revelations that emerge, and implement practical strategies to embody the newfound awareness in their daily lives.

Family Constellation Therapy may also be complemented by individual therapy, somatic practices, or other holistic modalities such as Access Bars, Body Process, Theta Healing, meditation and so on  to support continued growth and integration. As clients navigate their healing journey, they may find themselves experiencing greater resilience, authenticity, and a deeper sense of belonging within themselves and their familial lineage.

 In a nutshell

Family Constellation Therapy offers a profound pathway to healing that honors the interconnectedness of past, present, and future generations. By shedding light on the hidden dynamics within family systems and facilitating reconciliation across ancestral lines, this transformative modality empowers individuals to embrace their wholeness, reclaim their agency, and forge deeper connections within themselves and their families. As we embark on the journey of healing, may we remember that our stories are woven into the tapestry of our ancestors, and through love and understanding, we can create a legacy of healing that transcends generations.

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Q Can you do Family Constellation session by yourself?

No. Family Constellation Therapy is a specialized field of work and requires intensive training. A typical Family Constellation session includes a trained facilitator, 3-4 participants or more, and a space or specially designed software for the session. To garner insights into the system within which the client is working, an unbiased and objective bird’s eye view is required to note the dysfunctions in the family system. For that, a facilitator with systemic knowledge, emotional intelligence, empathy and psychoanalytical skills is imperative.

Q Are there any Side-Effects to Family Constellation Therapy?

No, there are no side-effects to Family Constellation Therapy. It is a safe and transformative process. The client and the participants feel an immense sense of relief, lightness and expansiveness after the session. The client may sometimes experience the emotions that have surfaced during the session for the next few days (for catharsis) before the shift occurs.

It may be like going to the gym. After the first day of the workout, there may be some muscle soreness which goes away the next day, eventually, making you feel great about your body and health.

Q Do the relevant members of the family need to attend the session?

No. Only the client, trained facilitator and a few unknown and unrelated participants are required for the Family Constellation Therapy. No other family member is required to participate in the session, especially when working to resolve family issues or relationship issue. The family members are generally represented by the participants, also called surrogates.

Q Can Family Constellation therapy help with my business?

Yes. Systemic constellations are effective in resolving family issues, business stagnancy , financial insecurities, career block, office politics, sales, marketing of new products, partnerships and collaborations and more. It is based on the principle of a system of change. Therefore, interventions in this therapy can help with a wide range of areas the company, business, job or community is struggling with. 

Q Can the Family Constellation Therapy be done online?

Yes. Post-covid there are several trained facilitators around have been conducting Family Constellation Therapy through zoom or other online platforms using a specialised software. The online sessions are equally effective if not more so. There are added advantages of spatial and symbolic availability with the Family Constellation software. The client can do the session from the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the world, allowing more flexibility and space.

Q How many Family Constellation sessions one need to resolve an issue?

Depending on the intensity and gravity of the issue, the Family Constellation sessions one may require may vary from two to five sessions. Each session is typically an hour long and focusses on a specific part of the issue. For instance, if you are working on your insomnia, one session may be exploratory, second one may delve into the ancestral source of the issue at the subconscious level, another layer may go even deeper into the unconscious mind to reveal the cause of the insomnia. A lot of clients have reported significant improvement after the first session.

Q What is the frequency of the Family Constellation Sessions?

Typically, a Family Constellation session  is conducted once in two weeks for a particular issue, until resolved. Most of the time, the issue goes away in a single session. One session can take up to 21 days or more to process fully. It depends on the type and the severity of the issue you are dealing with. On the other hand, financial issues, physical health or sexual abuse issues can take several sessions to resolve.

Q Is my information kept confidential about the session?

Yes, all the people who participate in the session as surrogates or representatives, along with the facilitator are not allowed to discuss any information regarding the client or the case outside of the session. Some of the facilitators even conduct a double blind session wherein neither the client nor the surrogates can see or know about each other during the online session to maintain absolute privacy.


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Would you like to start your healing journey with Family Constellation today