Trimester Transformation

Change requires commitment but seldom we have the level of willingness to take it through. Why is that? There are several underlying factors which influence change. Emotional capacity, intelligence, willingness, trust, honesty, and vulnerability are some of them. To create a long-lasting change, one needs to delve deeply into the subconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions. 

How many of us have attended motivational seminars and come back fully motivated to create a change. However, the energy fizzles out within a few days or weeks and we return to our old habits – be it the gym or meditation or affirmations or any other habit you have been trying to cultivate. Unless the underlying assumptions and judgements are cleared, change is very hard to sustain. 

Change is the only constant

program highlights

Trimester Transformation is about taking a deeper dive into the thoughts, beliefs, and projections we have that is creating the life we currently have. You may or may not be aware of them cognitively but are operating from it subconsciously.


“I destroy and uncreate all judgements, projections and rejections I have of me and others.”


“I am deeply grateful for this program and Sonali for investing so much time, energy and space. The three months were intense, fun, exploring, and rewarding. I couldn’t believe that my relationship with myself and my husband could improve to this extent. Thank you for all your efforts and support.”


“I have OCD. I would impulsively clean my hands after touching another person. I joined the program after trying many other modalities. Honestly, I didn’t have much hope of improvement but to my surprise, there was a remarkable difference after the first few sessions and exercises. I found them very powerful and effective. My OCD is reduced to 30% and I am truly grateful for Sonali and her incredible ability to create change.”


“Who doesn’t have troubles in their relationships? I thought I could deal with it myself but was miserably failing. My friend suggested this program to me and I was in wonderment at the things we explored, created, changed and altered. I never knew my issues were so deep rooted and needed attention. Not only my relationships but my way of life has changed!”