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Explore the Top Mental Health Influencers on Social Media

Social media influencers play a pivotal role in shaping conversations and perceptions surrounding mental health, offering a range of benefits to individuals navigating their well-being journeys. With their vast reach and engaging content, influencers bring forth awareness, destigmatization, and support for mental health issues, fostering a sense of community and belonging among their followers. By openly sharing personal experiences, resources, and coping mechanisms, these influencers empower individuals to seek help, practice self-care, and initiate important conversations about mental wellness. Their authenticity, relatability, and advocacy serve as beacons of hope and inspiration, reminding us all that we’re not alone in our struggles and that healing is a journey worth embracing. So here is a list of leading mental health accounts on social media that might be useful for you. 

Dive into the Influential Mental Health Accounts on Instagram

1. Yuvaa (@weareyuvaa)

Yuvaa offers a safe platform for college students across India to discuss mental health, gender, sexuality, sexual assault, body image, bullying, and more. 

2. The Mind Clan (@themindclan)

The Mind Clan advocates for inclusivity, feminism, and social justice, embracing the LGBTQIA+ community and others. They prioritize everyone’s needs and encourage sharing stories without bias. By fostering dialogue and empathy, they aim for personal and collective growth.

3. @bethdrawsthings

Comic artist Beth Evans creates relatable illustrations exploring emotions and daily life through her unique “blob” doodles, touching on topics like anxiety, OCD, loneliness, eating disorders, financial stress, and more.

4. @yung_pueblo

Diego Perez writes insightful and straightforward poetry that reflects on personal growth, inner happiness, managing emotions, healthy relationships, societal pressures, and prioritizing mental health.

5. @boysdon’tcry_uk

Boys Don’t Cry focuses on male mental health, discussing topics such as toxic masculinity, societal expectations of manhood, body image, and substance abuse.


Embark on Mental Wellness: Trending Pages on Facebook to Explore 

1. Real Warriors

The Real Warriors Campaign, run by the Psychological Health Center of Excellence, aims to promote psychological well-being and reduce stigma among service members, veterans, and their families. Their Facebook page offers valuable resources on mental health topics, from improving sleep habits to strengthening relationships during deployments.

2. Waves of Wellness

Waves of Wellness is a vibrant Facebook page promoting mental health awareness and positivity. Using images, drawings, and inspiring quotes, they encourage inclusive discussions about mental well-being and aim to spread uplifting messages within the community.

3. Life-Mental Health Awareness

The Mental Health Awareness Life Facebook page, run by volunteers, promotes positive discussions about mental health awareness and support. They provide quotes, tips, and information, fostering safe communication while emphasizing the importance of mental well-being for everyone.

4. Mental Health Food 

The Mental Health Food Facebook page educates about the connection between nutrition and mental well-being. They provide articles and recipes emphasizing the importance of whole, natural foods for optimal mental health.

5. Screw Depression

“Eaimee’s personal blog on Facebook chronicles her journey through mental illness and recovery with a distinct voice. Through the use of adult language, sarcasm, and brutal honesty, she shares memes, personal stories, and videos aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues.”


Discover the Latest Mental Health Trends Making Waves on Twitter

1. @myselfandhealth

This Twitter account is managed by someone experiencing bipolar disorder and anxiety. They regularly discuss mental health and happiness, providing brief self-care tips and candidly sharing their emotions.

2. @BlurtAlerts

The Blurt Foundation’s Twitter account offers support for individuals dealing with depression, providing insights to understand the condition better. They’re committed to fostering a positive outlook on mental health, offering free resources and articles for self-care and supporting those with depression.


This Twitter account offers straightforward and easy-to-follow self-care tips on a daily basis. The reminders are simple and manageable, yet practicing them consistently can greatly benefit our well-being in the long term.

4. @EndTheStigma

End The Stigma provides credible resources, tips, and discussions on mental health, sharing empowering stories of survival from individuals who have conquered mental illness.

5. @ResearchDigest

BPS Research Digest, managed by the British Psychological Society on Twitter, shares weekly psychological facts to debunk myths and promote mental health by challenging superstitions and unfounded beliefs.

YouTube is buzzing with the latest discussions surrounding mental health

1. The Mighty

The Mighty connects people online to discuss mental health, chronic illnesses, disabilities, and more. Their videos cover various topics such as anxiety, PTSD symptoms, and feature series like “Ask a Bipolar Advocate” and “Mental Health Happy Hour.” Watch The Mighty here.

2. Psych2Go

Psych2Go uses animated videos to educate its 9.42 million subscribers about mental health topics like depression, trauma, toxic relationships, and anxiety symptoms. Geared towards a younger audience, the channel provides a chill space for discussing life and mental wellness. Watch Psych2Go here.

3. Living Well With Schizophrenia

Lauren, who lives with schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type, started the channel to raise awareness about schizophrenia and mental illness. She shares her own journey dealing with hallucinations, delusions, and medications. Watch Living Well With Schizophrenia here

4. Bite Size Psych

Check out Bite Size Psych for quick science-based knowledge! Their videos cover fun riddles, creativity tests, and researched topics like willpower and happiness. With clear scripts and helpful illustrations, each video is under five minutes, suitable for all ages. Watch Bite Size Psych here.

5. Sci Show Psych

Hosted by Anthony Brown, Brit Garner, and Hank Green, Sci Show Psych delves into the complexities of the human brain using history and ground-breaking studies, covering topics like ADHD, gaslighting, depersonalization, and eating disorders. Watch SciShow Psych here.

The symbiotic relationship between social media influencers and mental health advocacy heralds a new era of support and understanding for individuals grappling with mental wellness. Through their authentic storytelling, relatable content, and unwavering advocacy, influencers have become powerful allies in the fight against stigma and isolation. By harnessing the reach and impact of social media platforms, they’ve created virtual communities where individuals feel seen, heard, and supported in their journeys toward healing and self-discovery. As we continue to navigate the complexities of mental health, let us recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of these influencers in shaping a more empathetic, inclusive, and compassionate world.

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Written by Suvanjali Lama, Clinical Psychologist and Research Associate, Treta Foundation


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