21 Days of Change

Change requires commitment but seldom we have the level of willingness to take it through. Why is that? There are several underlying factors which influence change. Emotional capacity, intelligence, willingness, trust, honesty, and vulnerability are some of them. To create a long-lasting change, one needs to delve deeply into the subconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions. 

How many of us have attended motivational seminars and come back fully motivated to create a change. However, the energy fizzles out within a few days or weeks and we return to our old habits – be it the gym or meditation or affirmations or any other habit you have been trying to cultivate. Unless the underlying assumptions and judgements are cleared, change is very hard to sustain. 

program highlights

What if there was an easier and more reliable approach to forming a habit? This 21 days transformation program is a guidance system for your internal functioning.


“What energy, space and consciousness can I be to create a change I desire?”


“I have attended a lot of self-improvement programs but none of them lasted more than a week and I would find myself going back to old routines and thought patterns. This 21 day of everyday intervention was something that reinformed the habits that I wanted to be incorporated in my life. A lot changed for me that perhaps can’t be expressed in tangible terms. Thank you, Sonali.”


“I entered the program almost as a challenge to see if I can feel a change after 21 days on the issues I have been struggling with. Not only did I find a solution and clarity on my issues but a lot more shifted in other areas of my life. Highly recommended!”


“I used to judge myself a lot. With every little thing, I would compare myself to others and feel bad. This 21 days program has changed the way I look at myself, my body, my behaviors. It was a relief to know that I don’t need to fix myself but can choose a different possibility. Many thanks for Sonali for her guidance and warm hand holding.”