360 Degrees Revolution

Have you ever felt that there is more to you and your life than what you have currently settled for? That nagging feeling of achieving more, having more, creating more, generating more is what signals towards a higher potential which haven’t met. Often, we are filled with frustration and angst when we settle for anything less than what is possible for us in relationships, finances, health and so on.  This is also one of the reasons why we don’t ever feel satisfied with what we have. There is an inherent knowing that more is possible. 

So what stops us from achieving our true potential? It is a choice to begin with. We can either choose to settle for what is expected from the limit of this reality or choose to out create it. This choice may seem difficult in the beginning owing to lifetimes of trauma, drama, pain and suffering. But once you heal through it, there is nothing stopping you from creating a world you desire. What gift can you be then to this society?

program highlights

This program is for you if you have ever wondered about the purpose of your life. It is designed to clear lifetimes of trauma that weighs you down to transform you and others around you. This is not about being the savior of the world but to be a contribution you truly be.


“What gift are you to the world that you are not acknowledging?”


“I have been in therapy for almost a decade now. I have tried many modalities but this one year program has brought a radical change for me. This is not to criticize other programs but for me this was a phenomenal journey of pain, pleasure, laughter, sadness, anger and joy. Hats off to Sonali for being the catalyst for this change and being so thorough with her interventions. Deeply grateful. Highly recommended!”


“Sonali is one of the most thoughtful, considerate and grounded person I have ever met. When I heard she was doing a yearlong program, I quickly signed up and she out-created herself through this program. What a crazy range of modalities, wisdom, exercises, home plays and sessions she has inculcated in this program! It was never boring, never-ending, never disappointing anytime during the one year. Must indulge and explore!”


“I was suffering from depression for the past decade. This one-year program has changed my reality. I have become so much more present, aware, and happy with myself and my living now. I am taking a lot of tools and techniques from this program for life. Highly recommended.”