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Emotional Detox Workshop

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions have a deeper impact on our lives than we anticipate. These thoughts create our reality in a highly sophisticated and systematic manner through the body. It is imperative to be aware of the thoughts that create limitations in order to change them. This workshop is for you if you have ever felt overwhelmed by emotions, have felt stuck in your situation, felt anxious, under-confident, unnecessarily sad or depressed, angry for no reason and so on. This workshop is also for those who have felt pains, aches or illnesses that are not responding to medical treatments or logic such as migraines, phantom pains, etc. 

Key takeaway from the workshop:

– How do our thoughts, feelings and emotions affect our lives? 

– How to identify thoughts and feelings that are blocking your growth? 

– How to release pent up emotions through Emotional Freedom Technique? 

Emotional Detox Workshop