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Five Life Hacks I wish I knew in my 20s

There are so many things that we wish we had known earlier. Here is a list of five things I learnt through a series of self-help books, courses, programs on personal development, healing and therapy over almost a decade. 

There is always a third option

We tend to struggle with choosing between A and B, right and wrong, good and bad, flight or fight, undermining the fact that there are always more options. Dedicating all the energy and logic to choose the right option creates an unnecessary anxiety, rather than looking for more possible ways to decide which would suit us better.

Life hack: When you find yourself struggling to make a choice, focus your attention on looking for more possibilities, till you find the one suitable for you.

It is not the end of the world

No matter how complex a situation you are in, it is not the end of you, unless you make it to be. Sometimes, we make situations and people much more significant than us. Failure in relationship, marriage, job interviews, finances, business, exams, interviews, and so on are part of life journey. There are no failures but choices that we have subconsciously chosen to experience different things.

Life hack: Embrace the failure as an opportunity to choose a different experience.

We create our lives with our thoughts

Every thought produces a certain electrical vibration which magnetises the body to attract the consequential result. If your thought is negative, that is what you will end up attracting in your life. If you feel you are not good enough, then you will attract people and situations in your life that will make you feel worthless. 

Life Hack: You are responsible for creating your life. Change the thoughts to create the reality you desire. 

Apologize or forgive for your own freedom

How many of us have had proper closure in our past relationships? It seems to lurk in the background somewhere, popping up every now, before we push it back down inside. Why? It is either too painful to forgive or the ego doesn’t allow you to apologize. In both cases, we unwillingly remain in the effect of it. We continue holding on to anger, resentment, hate or guilt and regret, which keeps pilling on over the course of time instead of fading away. 

Life Hack: It is worth apologizing or forgiving than holding on to anger or regret. Your freedom is more valuable than being right or proud.

Your body is your best friend for life

While it might be thrilling to push your body’s threshold, it almost never really ends up contributing to you in the long run. You need to tend to it, care for it, be loyal to it the way you love your best friend. It is a lifelong relationship that needs to be nurtured. Punishing your body by those crazy extra working hours, binge drinking or eating, not resting, lack of exercise, and so on might give you temporary pleasure. However, continuing to seek bubble reputed relief by ignoring your body is a losing bargain.

Life Hack: A commitment to yourself and your body should be always a priority.

Hope these life hacks contribute to you making a different choice in any area of your life where you feel stuck or disappointed. 

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Sonali Mittra 

(Sonali Mittra is a certified Inner Child Therapist, Family Constellation facilitator, Access bars and body process practitioner, and leadership coach)

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